The Sciridos wurm server is now online. It should be in the server list, Or you can connect to it directly by putting in where the IP goes.

Consider this a beta release. I'd like everyone who wants to play to login and start doing stuff. Tell me what's wrong and I'll tweak the settings. If needed I'll do a wipe and then we will go for real. So a practice run. Lets do this for a week-ish and see how it goes.

It's a custom map, and it's huge!! about 8x the size of the OEM map. The ingame M Map does not work (sorry) can't fix it without client modding. You will need to have a look at the online map instead. It's an 8k map! with 40k of spawns... It uses a lot of ram (not as much as Minecraft).

Ideally this will be a roleplay server/pve type of game. I'll be working on content and story's. If anyone has suggestions let me know.  Also the names of places and things including towns, gods, items may change without warning. I've gotten into the database and feel a bit more comfortable changing stuff around (yea fun for me).

Yall should know the password. It would be a good Idea to register on the forum as I'll probably use it for storytelling and rewards for roleplaying.