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Sphere 51a Support
Updated October 23, 2002
The time for updates is over. What you see is what you get.


Archived Support Files

Sphereserver.com - The Origional Sphere Site. With Some Forum Posts. This Is the Most Complete Copy I have ever found.

Paigelore.com - THis is An Old Version of the Paigelore Site Before all the Files were Lost. Includes the Multiscriptor.

Comming Soon the Old UOXdev site *It's 2015 and it's still not here Guess It's not coming as I lost it*



Tus Test - The First Version Of Tus The Help files Still call it Gray World

Tus Files - Files that you need in addition To Tus Test

Tus World - The Basic World File For use with TUS server

Tus World 2 - A larger World File Based on the SUN shard. ( I think)

HOG - Hand Of God The Official GM tool For Tus.

Tus Help - A Copy of the TUS support pages that used to be at menasoft.com ( I recomend This Even if you use Sphere it hasn't changed Much. )


Sphere 51a - The First Version Of Sphere (My Favorite.)

Sphere 52 - The Same Thing as 51a Only for Linux.

Sphere 53 - Very Unstable and For Linux Only

SPHERE_.54V Alpha
- Windows

SPHERE_Linux .54V Alpha

Sphere 54L - For Linux

Sphere 55i - Windows

Sphere 55i - Linux

Sphere 55i - Free BSD

Sphere 99f - Windows

Sphere 99f - Linux

Sphere 99f - Free BSD

UPGRADESPHERE_51a - This is the latest BETA UPGRADE release of SPHERE. It should work with the latest game client, Currently Version 2.0.0.

Sphere Item 51a_b

Sphere skill51a_b - These individual zip files are updates to the default scripts for Windows Version 51a, or Linux Version .52 of the server, download the .zip files, unzip it, and replace your existing files as necessary.

Sphere Client - A UO client Made By Sphere. It works Well but it's not as good as the real thing.

Axis version 0.13a

UOLaunchpad - The Launcher tab of Axis in a standalone application.

SphereMaker - a utility that allows admins to alter some of the data in the client files. Currently, tiledata, hues, and multis are supported.

StaticSphere version 1.04 - allows you to move items from your worldfile to the client files, reducing your item count, and consequently, lag.

SPHERE_pascal - alpha test of a standalone SPHEREserver PASCAL interpreter.

Sphere Map - Used To Edit Region Labels And View the Map.


C Fuse All In one - All the Files you need to run Fuse

CFuse20 - A DLL FIle you might need to run Fuse

Fuse Source - The Source Code For FUSE


Hybrid - The Exe File

Hybrid Icon - Installs Hybrid Connector

Hybrid Script - The Scrifts For Hybrid (I guess)


Uoos - The Only Release of this EMU

Uoos Source - The Source Code For UOOS


UOX 3 - Also Known As UOX classic

UOX# Source - The Source Code For UOX 3

UOX 3 World FIles - Ready Made World Files For UOX3



Multis Scripter

Tus to UOX converter

UO 3d Map Editor

UO 3d Map Editor Source

BMP to MAP converter

Hue Editor

Race Script for sphere 51a

UO2 Wallpaper 1

UO2 Wallpaper 2

View Some Misc Files

Webpage By Evil Bob. Inspired By Droll Avaliable for Free Download at www.oswd.org

This Page is not the Official Sphereserver site or any other site. We are in no way related to Sphereserver.com, UOX, Fuse, Hybrid, ETC and we do not claim rights to any files.